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Jeddah is emerging as an international digital business hub and destination for global corporations with an open and business-friendly environment, making it the ideal location for a new interconnection point.

Benefits of Joining JEDIX

JEDIX brings together state-of-the-art facilities, terrestrial connectivity and subsea cable infrastructure with a unique vision for global peering at the heart of the Middle East, enabling an open, accessible and trusted peering exchange that is focused on streamlining how customers get connected and optimising end user experience.


Dense Subsea Cable Connectivity
Jeddah is a landing point for regional and global subsea cable systems that connect Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East

Direct Regional Access
stc’s terrestrial fibre network provides direct access to nine GCC countries high reliability and low-latency connectivity

Ultra-Secure Facility
JEDIX is protected with state-of-the-art surveillance and security systems located in MG1, a world-class Tier IV Data Centre owned and operated by stc.

There are many benefits to joining including;

  • Peer seamlessly
  • Keep traffic local
  • Reduce latency
  • Increase resiliency
  • Create new efficiency
  • Optimise internet experience
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Service Fees

The basic service taken by our members are the ports to connect to our switches. This allows each member to publicly peer with any other member by mutual agreement. We offer multiple capacities between 1GE and 100GigE. We also allow link aggregated 1GE and 10GE ports by arrangement.

Port Size




Installation Fee








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