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In December 2018 LINX and stc entered into a strategic partnership to form a new Internet exchange point in Jeddah called JEDIX.


JEDIX, powered by LINX, will be built on a fully redundant switching platform located in a neutral secure stc data center, known as MG1 (MENA Gateway). It is a neutral Internet traffic exchange platform, that can link global networks, network operators and content providers from right across the GCC region.

stc, Saudi’s incumbent operator and the largest operator in the MENA region, has pledged that the new partnership with LINX will help deliver on its mandate to establish Saudi Arabia as the key Hub for telecoms connectivity in the area as part of its Saudi Vision 2030.

JEDIX is an open IX to connect all carriers, cloud and content providers in MG1 (MENA Gateway). LINX’s experience of 25 years of running a neutral IXP adds value locally to the largest market in the GCC and the exchange is being built using disaggregated platform as per LINX’s LON2 network in London

Jeddah is one of the main landing stations for African and Asian cable routes. Saudi Arabia itself has many ASNs which would benefit from joining JEDIX as it will enable them to keep their traffic local

Networks will be able to connect to the exchange remotely once LINX ConneXions partners are present at JEDIX.

The Partnership

The London Internet Exchange (LINX)

For over twenty years, LINX has helped connect thousands of organisations with their partners, suppliers, and customers with their interconnection services. Much more than just the UK’s leading peering community, LINX also connects networks to cloud services and helping to create closed user groups and and gain access to colocated infrastructure.

One of the largest global Internet exchange points, LINX’s global footprint consists of two networks in London located in 16 different data centres.  They operate three other UK regional interconnection points and also a facility in Northern Virginia, US called LINX NoVA.

Their 950+ strong membership community spans all major cloud, data communications, telecommunications, financial, and enterprise companies across more than 85 countries worldwide.



stc is the leading telecommunications provider and its Wholesale BU is the leading wholesaler in the Region, offering national and international services over numerous cable systems and via its PoPs-extended network.

stc owns and operates the largest, most reliable and diverse state-of-art telecommunications infrastructure in the Middle East Region. Its National network covers all area of the Kingdom and is extended to link all neighboring countries including UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, Yemen, Iraq and Oman, through diversified fiber links with various paths and capacities.

stc’s self-healing national backhaul network and border crossing terrestrial fiber optics links represent the most resilient, reliable and cost effective connectivity in the Region.


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